Curcio & Curcio offers the following legal services related to Elder Law:

  • Discuss the importance estate planning with the goal of streamlining or perhaps eliminating probate proceedings.

  • Prepare a will and/or trust that may include provisions for the protection of minor children and grandchildren. 

  • Create a durable power of attorney to eliminate the need for a court proceeding for the appointment of a Conservatorship.

  • Draft an advanced medical directive and/or a medical power of attorney to permit your loved ones to discuss your medical condition with health care providers at a time that you may not be able to do so.

  • Assist with real estate matters that may be a component of an estate plan or required before Medicaid eligibility.

  • File judicial proceedings for the appointment of a guardian and /or a conservator for those individuals who need assistance in protecting themselves or their assets.

  • Help locate long term care facilities and assist in connecting you with the professionals that may best meet your individual needs