If you are recently separated, or considering a separation or divorce we understand the difficult decisions confronting you. At Curcio and Curcio we are sensitive to the emotional toll a separation or divorce may takes on our clients. Accordingly, we strive to be good listeners and tailor our advice to best meet both the legal realities and personal objectives of each client.


Whether a divorce action has already been initiated, or you are merely exploring your options, Curcio and Curcio will walk you through the legal process and try to identify a path that will best accomplish realistic goals. In doing so, we try to be cognizant of our client’s emotional well-being and financial capabilities.


Often times we can help our clients resolve their differences with a spouse by negotiating a separation agreement covering a wide range of issues such as child custody, support, and visitation, equitable distribution of property and debt, alimony and division of retirement benefits. Unfortunately, not all divorces may be resolved amicably or by agreement. In those cases we are experienced in litigating marital disputes and are prepared to try the difficult or complex divorce matter if necessary.


No matter what the nature of the issues may be in your case, Curcio and Curcio possesses the knowledge and experience needed to help you pursue a path that suits you and your children.


Curcio and Curcio is also experienced in a wide range family related issues. Below is a list of just some of the family related practice areas that we are well experienced in:

  • Child Custody

  • Non-Support

  • Child and Adult Protective Services

  • Adoptions

  • Guardian ad Litem Services

  • Name Changes

  • General Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Practice