Criminal and Traffic Defense

From serious felony charges down to minor traffic violations, Curcio & Curcio can help guide you through the stressful and sometimes confusing terrain of the criminal justice system.  Criminal charges can result in serious penalties that can include incarceration, fines, probation, the loss of one’s license and public humiliation. It is important to find an attorney that is both knowledgeable of the law and the legal system but also sympathetic to your individual circumstances. We understand that good people sometimes make bad mistakes.

Estate Planning & Administration

Too often people think that they don’t need a will because they don’t own their own home, or their bank account is too small.  Others believe that a power of attorney is a simple form that can be purchased on the internet.  

Curcio and Curcio can help guide you in determining an estate plan that is right for you.  We will assist you in preparing wills and trusts that not only call for an uncomplicated transfer upon your death, but also eliminate or reduce the complexities of the probate process.

Family Law

If you are recently separated, or considering a separation or divorce we understand the difficult decisions confronting you. At Curcio and Curcio we are sensitive to the emotional toll a separation or divorce may takes on our clients. Accordingly, we strive to be good listeners and tailor our advice to best meet both the legal realities and personal objectives of each client.


Whether a divorce action has already been initiated, or you are merely exploring your options, Curcio and Curcio will walk you through the legal process and try to identify a path that will best accomplish realistic goals. In doing so, we try to be cognizant of our client’s emotional well-being and financial capabilities.

Elder Law

Curcio & Curcio provides a wide range of legal services related to Elder Law including: Preparing wills and/or trust, creating a durable power of attorney, assisting with real estate matters related to Medicaid eligibility, locating long term care facilities and more.